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Friday, April 1, 2011

HOMEMADE HAIRCUTS: How I save $360+ a year, minus cost of suckers!!!!

 It all started about 2 years ago, my husband started to pack the kids into the car to go get a round of haircuts.  I had a sad look on my face.  He knew I had always wanted to try to cut "boy hair", but never had the guts to try it.  On the way to the local SUPERDUPER CUTTERS he turned into a Wal-mart and bought me a set of hairclippers and a huge bag of lollipops.  When he came back home I panicked.  Uh-oh.....Now I would HAVE to try it! 

It was not so bad.  I had been watching them get their haircut for years and my friend down the street who is a stylist had already showed me what to do.  Before I started snipping I watched a few videos on Youtube.  Then I took a deep breath and away the clippers flew.  I wasn't really nervous, was time to cut my husband's hair.  I was so afraid he would go to the office on Monday and be ridiculed by his peers (and fellow lawyers) by saying "Hey, what happened to you?  Your wife cut your hair!!!"  Of course it was nothing like that.  No one even noticed and over time I have gained more confidence and skill!  So, the point is....don't be afraid!  Go for it! 
(And remember, hair grows back anyway.)

 Before and Afters

We ran the numbers and by cutting my 2 sons and husband's hair every 6-8 weeks I save about $360 per year.  (I also cut my girls hair, but sometimes take them in if they want a particular style I am not sure I can do for them.)  The time I save running around is precious and they seem to like getting the one and one as well.  This morning while I was giving Gabe his haircut he wanted to talk about heaven.  When I was done he said, "Thanks Mom, it's just the way I like it.  Now, don't forget my lollipop!"


*starting w/ dry hair, comb or brush through to avoid pulling on tangles

*begin at the base of neck, (I used a #2 guard) and go up like a "C" motion against the grain.

*trim up hair until it is even with the ears

*wet hair and begin cutting sections from bottom to top.  Be sure to hold hair up and down in a line between your fingers going vertical with the head, not horizontal, except for the bangs.

*trim bangs

*using small trimmer shorten sideburns to even lengths, shave neck and even up the bottom of hairline.

This takes me about 10 minutes per child and then I pop them into the shower!!!


  1. My husband cuts both of our boys' hair which is SUCH a savings! They get compliments on their hair all the time and we have a ton of extra cash in the bank because of it!

  2. Shelli, I need an in-person tutorial...cutting hair is NOT my strong talent!! lol Ask's bad. :D