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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Beating the winter blues...

We have some pretty stir crazy kids around here.  It's been negative and single digit temps for several weeks.  If I go to the store, it's usually alone, so the kids are really really bored!  Today I saw an idea on my newsfeed and decided to try it.  We have done something similar in the past in a cookie sheet and I will say that on the window has kept their attention much longer.  Have fun exploring your kitchen and inspiring your kids too!

We used any thick liquid I could find (I.e., dish soap, tempura paint, mayo, yogurt, ketchup, mustard, choc syrup, etc.).  I recommend double bagging them in gallon freezer bags for durability.  We added glitter to the dish soap one.  The top left one is mayo with a few drops of food coloring.  Tape the bag closed and tape to a window or wall with packing tape.  When you're done, take down and toss!  

I'd love for you to comment with your ideas.  This was really fun!!!

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