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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Natural Sunscreen put to the test....Part 1

We are going to the waterpark capital in the world in the Dells in Wisconsin for a fun family vacation this week.  So, I thought what better time to try out a homemade sunscreen recipe?  

Here is the one I used from "Wellness Mama":

The only changes I made were I lessened the beeswax and Shea butter by half hoping to keep it more liquid than lotion, because I put it in these cool roller ball oil holders so the kids could easily apply it to their faces.  I also added pomegranate oil after researching natural sunscreen ingredients.  

We are going away for 3 sunfilled days.  I am going with another family and taking extra kiddos so we have a combined 11 children to use as guinea pigs!!!!  

So far she loves the smell and getting to apply it herself!!!!!  I love that it has NO harsh chemicals.  I will report back after the trip....... 😎


UPDATE!!!!  (Sorry, I forgot to come back and update!)  The sunscreen worked fantastic.  I used it this trip and all summer long.  My husband and even went with another couple to Punta Cana and I took it with me.  I didn't have to buy anything!  The only day I burned, (and I was out all summer long) was the last day of our trip.  We left in the morning and went on an island tour that lasted the entire day and we had almost no shade.   If it wasn't for that day, I would've made it the whole summer without a single sunburn. So I would say it was a very successful batch. 

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