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Thursday, February 24, 2011

HOW TO MAKE: Facial Cleanser

When my oldest child started to hit puberty she began trying out different products to help control acne.  I saw a segment on the news talking about a study of cosmetic products and the toxins that we put on our skin everyday, especially teen girls.  I went to the website and read the study for myself ( 

They have examined and reported the ingredients to thousands of everyday products like shampoo, lotion, etc., and rate them on their safety.  I used their search bar to look up the products from we had in our home and ended up throwing away 3 laundry baskets full of products!  (

After my "cleanup", I had to replace the questionable products with safer options.  This is what started my whole focus on being naturally homemade.  I have found that not only do we save money, but we feel better too.

So here is my recipe for FACIAL CLEANSER.


empty 8oz. bottle with lid
5oz. Rubbing Alcohol (I use 70% )
3oz. Aloe Vera Juice
15-20 drops Tea Tree Oil

Pour the ingredients into your bottle.  Then I use a cotton pad to wipe across my face.  *Be sure to avoid your eye area.  If you have more stubborn acne you can increase the alcohol and tea tree oil.  If you have dry skin increase the aloe vera juice.  It is really that simple and this recipe really works!

I hope you are seeing the pattern only need a handful of ingredients to make dozens of products.  Think of it like stocking your pantry with the essentials, like flour and sugar!

Thanks for reading!

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