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Thursday, February 10, 2011

HOW TO MAKE: Baby Wipes

Most of us don't mind buying baby wipes, but it is still a very useful thing to know how to do in case you ever run out or have a child with skin allergies.  I use a wipe warmer and when I have store bought wipes (like Huggies) they can get dried out and I make this recipe to pour on them keeping them moist. 

So here you go, my recipe for HOMEMADE Baby Wipes:

INGREDIENTS1 roll of Paper Towels
5-10 drops Tea Tree Oil
3 drops of Lavender Oil
 First take the paper towels and separate them by pulling them apart.  (I have my kids do this while they are sitting on the couch watching TV!)
Then, cut them in half, and then each pile in half again, giving you a stack of quarter size sheets.  In a large measuring cup pour in your ingredients.  Put the paper towels in your container and pour over the top.  I flip them several times to insure they are evenly saturated.  That is it!!!

Some noteworthy notes:

*Most containers hold only 1/2 roll, so you can easily adjust this recipe.  I would only decrease the Aloe Juice, not the oils, but that is up to you.

*Buy a good quality paper towel and be sure it is dye free without a colored pattern printed on it. 

*Many people use water, but I do not.  Water grows bacteria and especially quick if you use a wipe warmer.  Trust me you do not want to worry about mold.

*Aloe and Tea Tree fight bacteria and are natural antiseptics making them perfect for baby wipes.  They are proven safe for baby's skin, but as with any herb/product it is wise to ask  your pediatrician before use.

*All the above ingredients can be purchased at your local Walmart, Walgreens or Health Food Store, but I have linked them (in blue) so you can see what you are looking for or have a way to find them if you are having trouble.

Please feel free to comment or leave your recipes below!  Next time I will be teaching you to make your own all natural deodorant!

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